Telecom Power System module

Telecom Power System module
Telecom Power System module
Product Description

Hebei Cworld Tech is manufacturing optimum quality Telecom Power System Module. This product is integrated with environmentally sound power solutions, combination of renewable energy sources along with battery backup, network operators in order for lowering the cost with the help of reliance reduction on diesel. Hence, Telecom Power System Module is beneficial in growing revenues including profit margins, expanding the client base through dependable network coverage extension, improving network service as well as reliability and many other factors are responsible for making our product one of the best products in the market and coming up to our valuable customer's satisfaction.

Technical data

  • Type:ZE48V30NI-220, ZE48V30NI-110
  • Weight:7.5KG
  • Measurement:325X230X130
  • Input:220AC+/-20% ,DC198-DC286,DC110+-15%
  • Output voltage: 40-60V
  • Output current: 30A
  • Efficiency:>=90%
  • Voltage accuracy:+/-0.6%
  • Current accuracy: +/-1%
  • Ripple factor:<=0.2%
  • Current Uneveness under parallel connection:+/-3%
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